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Alkkemist Distilled by the Light of the full Moon Gin 70cl

Tasting notes Alkkemist Gin features a base of triple-distilled grain spirit and 21 different botanicals, interestingly including Muscat grape, alongside orange and lemon peel, rose petals, samphire, fennel, thyme and mint, among others. Also, it's apparently "distilled by the light of the full moon"!  Country – Spain Alcohol by volume – 40% Bottle – 70cl Producer – Alkkemist

Auchentoshan Triple Wood 70cl

Tasting notes From the Lowlands of Scotland comes Auchentoshan Three Wood, matured in three different wood casks. Enjoying time in Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks, bourbon casks and Olorosa Sherry butts, this fine and delightful release is an impression one with toffee, baked fruit and dark forest fruits. Country – Scotland Alcohol by volume – 43% Bottle – 70cl Producer – Auchentoshan

Big Peat Blended Malt 70cl

Tasting notes Big Peat Islay Blended Malt Whisky (70 cl) Big Peat is a blended malt which contains only Single Malt Scotch Whiskies from the island of Islay. Islay's distilleries are known for their peaty, smoky character, all offering variations on the theme of ash, beach bonfires, coal and tar. Country – Scotland Alcohol by volume – 46% Bottle – 70cl Producer – Islay Distilleries

Bulleit Bourbon 70cl

Tasting notes Bright with orange zest, toasted oak and vanilla. Country – USA Alcohol by volume – 45% Bottle – 70cl Producer – Bulleit

Copperdog Blended Malt 70cl

Tasting notes Fresh and fruity, some malty notes with hints of wood (mainly vanilla) and spice. The balance of wood is equally important; it has allowed these important distillery characters to come to the fore, amplifying their subtlety, whilst giving us creamy vanilla and delicate spice notes and tannins. Country – Scotland Alcohol by volume – 40% Bottle – 70cl Producer – The Craigellachie Hotel

Dead Mans Fingers Spiced Rum 70cl

BBC Good Food’s Top 10 Spiced Rums for 2019. Where a blended rum meets exotic spices to create a unique and distinctive flavour profile. Those familiar with Saffron cake will certainly find a hint of that alongside notes of Pedro Ximénez Ice cream. Next comes a whisper of creamy caramel followed by vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and of course, those subtly sweet undertones of orange. Some have even found notes of pineapple, dried raisins and a pinch of black pepper – but we think they’re just showing off. Suitable for Vegan diets. Country – England Alcohol by volume – 37.5% Bottle – 70cl Producer – Dead Man's Fingers

Diablesse Golden Caribbean Rum 70cl

A blend of three Caribbean rums created by Diablesse, which is based in Manchester. The blend marries spirit from Worthy Park, Foursquare and Diamond Distillery (produced in the only remaining wooden Coffey still), all aged in American oak ex-bourbon barrels. Country – England Alcohol by volume – 40% Bottle – 70cl Producer – Diablesse

East London Liquor Co British Wheat

East London Liquor's grain vodka is produced using 100% British wheat spirit which is distilled in a state-of-the-art copper pot still, custom-designed and hand-built by Arnold Holstein in Germany following the traditional metalworking techniques that his family has been using for generations. With a creamy mouthfeel and faint anise aftertaste, it's great served straight up or in a vodka martini. Country – England Alcohol by volume – 40% Bottle – 70cl Producer – East London Liquor Company

Kentucky Vintage Fully Aged 75cl

Tasting notes Hints of candied peel and creamy caramel. A little herbal note, with sultanas, butterscotch and just a faint whisper of smoke. Country – USA Alcohol by volume – 45% Bottle – 75cl Producer – Kentucky Bourbon Distillers Co

Liverpool Potato Vodka

In 1790, Liverpool was the world’s largest port and shipping heart of the British Empire. With tobacco, sugar cane, cotton, rum and spice arriving from the New World, a new distillery was born – Bankhall, the founder of Liverpool Gin, spirits and malt whisky. Liverpool Vodka is the latest addition to this rich heritage: a premium artisanal potato-based vodka, bottled at a higher abv, which provides a deliciously creamy taste, punctuated with fragrant notes of freshly cracked black peppercorns. Freshly grated lemon peel balanced with hints of sugared almonds and bonfire toffee provide the bright top notes, while the finish is full and smooth, ending with freshly whipped cream and lemon balm. Country – England Alcohol by volume – 43% Bottle – 70cl Producer – Liverpool Vodka

Manchester Gin FAC51 The Haçienda 50cl

Tasting notes Limited edition labels featuring Haçienda artwork. On the nose, you’ll get a big burst of lemon and lime zest which turns sherbety on the palate. This is a bold, citrusy gin with a dry, peppery, but perfectly balanced finish. Country – England Alcohol by volume – 42% Bottle – 50cl Producer – Manchester Gin Distillery

Mermaid Gin 70cl

Tasting notes Citrus zing with a peppery spice – an earthy sweetness and a hint of sea air. With a sustainable, environmentally focused approach, the Isle of Wight Distillery are working towards a no plastic, zero carbon future. Distilled from a mix of 10 botanicals including locally-sourced elderflower and Boadicea hops and locally-foraged rock samphire! Mermaid Gin makes a stupendous gin and tonic and we recommend using a Mediterranean flavoured tonic and a garnish of cucumber. Country – Isle of Wight Alcohol by volume – 42% Bottle – 70cl Producer – Isle of Wight Distillery